Author Recommendation: Patricia Polacco

Hi, I’m going to make an author recommendation this time! The author I’m recommending is a children’s author, Patricia Polacco. Just so you know, the reason I’m recommending her and not just reviewing one of her books is because I can’t pick one, they’re all so great! Some of my favorites of her work, though, are The Keeping Quilt, Thunder Cake, Pink and Say, Thank You Mr Falker, and Rechenka’s eggs. I don’t know how I was able to pick that few though!

Patricia Polacco writes (and illustrates beautifully) many kinds of children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction. However, my personal favorites are the ones she writes about her family and childhood. Patricia’s family on her mother’s side were jewish immigrants from Russia, and these roots stand out in her stories.She has been given countless awards for her writing, which is beautifully paired with her lovely illustrations.

0547f43a1d745306aabb0b9b0254334eWhen I was littler, my sister and I would cuddle up with my mom on our couch or on my sister’s bed if it was bedtime, and she would read us Patricia Polacco stories. We would become wrapped up in the charming stories, and fascinated by the delightful illustrations. We still sometimes pull out The Keeping Quilt or Tucky Jo and Little Heart and read together. It has become a sort of tradition, one that I think everyone should have the  chance to enjoy.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy about Patricia Polacco’s books is how in her books she shares her past experiences and shows children how they can overcome struggles. In Thunder Cake, she overcomes her fear of lightning while making a delicious cake with her Babushka, or grandmother. In Thank You, Mr Falker, she shares the story of how a teacher helped her to overcome her dyslexia that kept her from learning to read until the age of fourteen. Her stories are funny and encouraging.

Below I’m putting the covers of some of my favorite titles by Patricia Polacco. Try reading them! (that’s what books are for)


Thunder Cake. I already described it up yonder ⬆


Thank you, Mr Falker. See description up there ⬆


The Keeping Quilt. Patricia tells the story of a quilt that her family (I mentioned up there that they were immigrants from Russia) made to remember their home. They pass it down from generation to generation, all the way down to her, and it becomes a key in their memories.


Rechenka’s Eggs. This heartwarming fictional book is about a woman who every year paints beautiful Russian eggs. She ends up rescuing a hurt goose that becomes the source of her eggs, as well as her pet and friend (the goose doesn’t actually talk, thank goodness).

READ PATRICIA POLACCO’S BOOKS. Okay, we’re all on the same page now. No, really, you should read them. All-rightie, now I’ll leave you alone to run to a library/ a bookstore/amazon and get one of her books.

From one book-loving kid to another, get reading!


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