Hello Book Lovers!


Me with some of my favorite books!

My name is CC. Here are some quick book-related fun facts about me:

  • My favorite book is The Warden and the Wolf King, by Andrew Peterson
  • My favorite genre is fantasy
  • I want to someday write a book for teens
  • I love the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Now that I’ve told you some things about myself, I’d like to tell you what this blog, bookwormkidsandteens, is all about: helping book-loving kids and teens to find new, great books to read and enjoy.I’ll give you a summary of the book, and then I’ll tell you how good it is, what kind of people would like it, and reference other books that are similar.

I hope to post my first review soon, but until then, happy reading!

~CC, book-lover, age 12


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