From one book-loving kid to another…

Hi, I’m CC! Here is the tale of how bookwormkidsandteens came to be:

Once upon a time, in the magical land of the United States of America, a girl whose online  name was CC was reading a book. She thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could tell other kids and teens like me about this great book?’ With this innocent thought, the idea of bookwormkidsandteens (a mavolous website) was born. Later, CC went onto WordPress, got the free website option (she had no money), and wrote her first post. It didn’t save. She wrote another. Same. Another, another, another. Finally, she found this nifty save button and bookwormkidsandteens was actually a real website with real posts on it. 

This website reviews books from a 13-year-old’s point of view. Because of this, you may find the occasional emoji 😂(that one’s for really funny books), or grammar mistake ( The Warden and the Wolf King was funner than the Unwanteds), but mainly you’ll find great opinions on great books.

From one book-loving kid to another, see ya around!